CSIA and TIQ Software announce the ultimate online training program for Canadian scaffolders

The Canadian Scaffold Industry Association (CSIA), pioneers in non-partisan training in the scaffold industry, and TIQ Software, leaders in online product and services knowledge, announced today the general availability of two new digital training courses for Canadian scaffolders with a third available in 2021

These online training courses are designed to support Canadianspecific scaffolder best-practices, safety, and principles.   

The online training integrates gamified learning to maximize retention and engagement with adult learners, making understanding the complexities of scaffold erection and the hazards related to it a streamlined process for a technology-focused generation. It’s a must-have for the industry’s future in Canada. 

CSIA recognizing the need for non-partisan and Canadian specific training in the scaffold industry, stepped up to provide the solution.  

“It was recognized many years ago that we need training that covers Canadian standards, said Brian Delman, President of CSIAThe development of the Z797-18 set the Canadian scaffold industry apart, so were bringing Canadian training to Canadian workers. This is an important puzzle piece when making our worksites a safer place, and it will help bring learning to the next generation of scaffolders.” 

TIQ Software CEO Jason Suriano is excited to see the scaffolding courses come to life.  

TIQ Software is developing a portfolio of online learning courses across multiple industries that deliver complex topics in a fun and engaging way,” said Suriano. We appreciate the opportunity to work with CSIA, and we’re excited to add these courses as a cornerstone of our TIQ Store powered by Shopify.   

Access Scaffold Training Year One and Year Two are available on the TIQ Store

Media Contacts 

Brian Delman, President 
Phone: 780-803-CSIA (2742)
Email: Csiacanadianscaffoldassoc1@gmail.com 

TIQ Software 
Jason Suriano, CEO 
Phone: 780-994-4237 
Email: jason@tiqsoftware.com 

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