BRNT Group

The Challenge

The BRNT Group is a design house that develops products and brands in the recreational cannabis space.

The retail launch of their “Made By” product line required product and brand education for hundreds of floor staff across dozens of stores – quickly, effectively, and in 2020, 100% online.

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BRNT chose key focal points from their Made By retail launch to highlight using TIQ Software:

1. Deliver elements of the Made By brand story and technical product knowledge in a single, interactive experience.

2. Create an easily-accessible repository where retailers can find supporting marketing collateral, administrative documents,  videos, and book one-on-one support.


  • Deliver a dedicated, custom BRNT product portal
  • Engage users with a gamified product knowledge module
  • Support retail associates with materials that matter
  • Reduce Zoom meetings and PowerPoint slideshows
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Targeted sales associates reached
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Sales associates completion rate
1 %
Positive associate rating
Ally McIlwraith

What BRNT said...

"We are just blown away with the design and functionality of the software and the product knowledge courses. TIQ Software is awesome. I would definitely recommend it!"

Ally McIlwraith, Director of Brand
BRNT Group

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What the audience said...

"Thank you for creating this! I work PT and evenings and weekends, so I tend to miss the reps when they visit.

"Being able to get first hand education directly from the brand was a great experience."

BRNT Tasks

Bite-sized. Engaging.

TIQ Software is fast, bite-sized, and just in time, so your audience gets the most out of it without spending hours in front of a screen.

For product-focused learning that delivers results, cannabis brands trust TIQ Software.

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