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Create a one-of-a kind digital learning experience with TIQ Software.

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Powerful portal. Your audience can create a new account, use existing Google or Microsoft credentials, or link from your existing system (single sign-on).

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Customize your look. We adapt your materials into our templates.

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Start with strategy. Our learning experts help kick start your project.

University of Alberta - Arts101

Cool Courses. We assemble all of your materials, create course outlines, and show you your amazing design before we build.

40 game types. We transform your material into a series of interactive tasks that are immediately engaging and fun to play.

Points and Badges

Beyond Gamification. Your audience earns badges and points along the way to keep them and your administrators up-to-date on their progress.

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Release and relax. Your project is hosted safely and securely with Amazon Web Services.

TIQ Insights

Important insights. Track and visualize individual and group performance. See exactly what's working, what isn't, and what your audience can do to improve.

Any device at any time

Instant Access. Deliver your new digital learning project on any device at any time. TIQ Software is always on and ready to go.

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