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Over 20 different game types

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From employee onboarding to product knowledge and immersive training, there’s so much you can do with TIQ Software.

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Product Onboarding

Engage employees with a 3D immersive world full of quizzes, puzzles, and videos.

Product Knowledge

Introduce distribution channels to your products and increase reach by 400%.

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Digital Literacy

Foster front-line literacy programs and boost employee performance by over 10%

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Responsible AI

Experience real-world examples and learn what AI is and how it affects you.

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Digital Marketing

Go beyond the brochure with immersive orientation and online awareness.

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Use our award-winning templates to create a personalized experience for your audience.


Integrate important documents, videos, surveys, chat features and so much more!


Deliver a fun, self-directed learning experience and measure the impact of your material on your audience.

Motivate + Engage

Your information becomes gamified bite-sized tasks that award points and badges.

Use Cases

TIQ Software is trusted by Product Managers, HR departments, and Learning and Development Experts.


Check out stories and strategies from the learning specialists at TIQ Software.

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Serious Games

What are serious games?

Serious games focus on education but that doesn’t mean they’re boring.

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Seek your own proof

What is edutainment?

Edutainment is game-based learning that fulfills a dual purpose — learning and fun.

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Want to sell your expertise? Create a course, publish it, and accept payments with TIQ Store – powered by Shopify

AWES Device

AWES delivers 18 workplace essential skills courses.
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Working on Indigenous Lands
Responsible AI Device
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Responsible AI Institute delivers AI education.
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Top Questions

We’ve been in business since 2005 and have worked on over 200 online learning projects for companies of all shapes and sizes. Learn more about us.

We’re an all-in-one no-code learning platform. Our software helps you create courses, host your content, track your audience analytics, and much more!

Everyone has unique learning needs but we’d suggest giving our demo a try. It’s easy. Create an account and take TIQ for a test drive.

Absolutely. If you already have a LMS, HRIS, etc. we can create a single sign-on connection for your audience. 

TIQ Software is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services). Every individual who uses TIQ is secured with OKTA and we provide your audience with 24/7 ticketing support with Zendesk

Of course! Contact us to talk to one of our online learning specialists.

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